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About Us

5mina is an innovative technology company advancing the frontier of mCommerce solutions for businesses. With solutions catering to current and potential online retailers as well as innovative mCommerce solutions for iOS and Android developers, 5mina equips organizations with the tools they need to maximize their growth potential.

5mina has its roots strongly grounded in mobile development. Starting as a publisher of prominent mobile apps and games in 2011, it has expanded and grown to focus solely on empowering mobile eCommerce solutions.


We strive to provide you with a state-of-the-art App based store. Change in technology is frequent and unavoidable. We are always at the forefront in design trends utilizing leading-edge practices.


We are passionate about the products we provide, and we know you feel the same way about your customers! We go all out to ensure that your Store provides incredible experiences for your users.

How we do it!

110% dedication
50 projects
380 coffee cups
5888150 lines of code


5mina is always looking for talented and motivated individuals to join us in building the largest mobile ecommerce platform. Please email resumes to jobs@5mina.com

Software Test Engineer

Junior or Senior

  • Features Testing
  • Communicate Project Status
  • Participate in Releases
  • Submit and Manage Bugs
  • Final Go/No Go Responsibility
  • Strong Management Skills

Software Engineer

Junior or Senior

  • C++ / C / Java
  • Pickup Frameworks, APIs
  • Learn New Concepts
  • Desire to create platorms
  • Loves the challenge of coding, problem solving
  • complex code bases

Product Designer

Junior or Senior

  • Adobe Suite
  • AutoCAD
  • Concept Drawing
  • Screens implementation
  • Product Design
  • Strives for
    High-Quality Finish


Junior or Senior

  • Ensure on-time, on-schedule shipping
  • Developing schedules
  • Maintain & Enhance Operations efficiencies
  • Prepare transfer orders
  • Inventory reconciliations across our warehouses

Contact us

For issues or questions, please send an email to us describing what you are experiencing and which OS/device you are using. We will get back to you promptly.


Press Inquiries, Business Partnerships, Job Opportunities or any other non-support-related queries, please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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